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reasonable priced van

Big Bad Bear
07-07-08, 15:05
seen this on the bay and for what some are going for this seems decent and good mileage 3QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
might do someone on here :ILU:

07-07-08, 15:15
Does seem pretty good, as usual though would need to be checked out in the flesh etc.

07-07-08, 15:26
Seems a bit on the cheap side, considering the low miles, alloys, respray, lights etc etc, i would approach with caution, thats even if the van exists, someone might just be using the pics so hopefully someone might be able to identify it.

09-07-08, 12:43
This has come up somewhere else on this site - DO NOT BUY, it looks like a scam.

09-07-08, 12:53
It was on the Forum yesterday. Seller claims to be in Spain and van is being held by a transport company. Seller wants payment up front - then if you don't like the van you'll get a refund.....

B:cllocks - It's got all the makings of a scam!!


09-07-08, 14:16
The price is too good to be true.T:

09-07-08, 17:09
somebody is gonna come a cropper ,, deffo to good to be true , :ILU::ILU: