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T4 1.9 td breaking 50th year edition

06-01-12, 22:18
Breaking complete van every part avaiable apart from bottom end of engine. This is a 1.9 td abl engine it's got electric windows mirrors and central locking and twin sliding doors. It's dark blue and panels are all mint with mint colour coded bumpers. Pm me or text me on 07771544761

06-01-12, 23:33
How much for the leccy window motors and looms and mirror looms?

mad ferret
07-01-12, 15:21
2nd dibs if Dan ^^^^ doesn't want them.

07-01-12, 16:46
Do you have a good condition grey glove box if so how much T:

07-01-12, 16:51
hi is the headlamp switch available. ta

07-01-12, 17:10
How much for fuel cap cover if not rusty?

07-01-12, 18:57
Long tailgate threshold?

07-01-12, 19:46
txt sent regarding bits

08-01-12, 18:45
hi if the van has a cab area carpet how much would you want many thanks

08-01-12, 22:37
If its a tailgate, do you have the rear wiper and wiper motor?

colin moore
09-01-12, 19:36
hi do you hav ethe sliding window in the sliding door plz???

merseyside bossman
09-01-12, 20:16
elec.windows and central locking together

can remove if you cant

11-01-12, 16:58
Hi do you have sliding door step cover and rear bumper? Please pm me with price and contact details cheers rob

11-01-12, 17:09
HI mAte do you have a triple dash air vent without the built on hazard switch
Cheers chris

13-01-12, 20:31
Hi mate do you have the sliding door top cover? T:

25-01-12, 06:45
Started to strip loads of parts still left be quick as wanna get shut of shell ASAP

25-01-12, 07:16
Drivers door card please?

25-01-12, 07:21
Central locking motors if still avaible 07966197640

26-01-12, 18:16
Hi dose this have a tailgate if so how much pm me thanks

28-01-12, 07:39
I'm looking for an electric window control switch that fits into the top of the drivers panel.

30-01-12, 16:33
Hi mate, have you dot the two plastic headlining strips with clips? Ta.

30-01-12, 16:42
Barn doors or tail gate ? Want either solid tail or barns, regards Scottdog.

Vin Van Man
30-01-12, 19:37
Is there still a fuel going for grabs?

30-01-12, 19:59
have you still got the colour coded bumpers? really interested if you have.

31-01-12, 11:00
PM sent regarding fuel flap!

31-01-12, 19:04
Ello mate you sill got glove box if so how much postedT:

07-02-12, 17:50
Hi i have the same van. I need the heater control metal cable that adjusts temp. Have you got it? PM or txt 07739822943. Cheers