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seven crossing

07-07-08, 18:59
Am just womdering what people pay to go across the new or old seven crossing did they pay as a van or a car/camper ?? A:

07-07-08, 19:00
dunno the answer but...

Isn't it Severn?

Not having a dig buddy, just wondered.

07-07-08, 19:13
nope your spot on right severn not seven !!!!! its just they wanted to charge me for a large van this morn but in the end I ended up paying for a car rate told them its not a works vehicle etc Rasp:

nasty nick
07-07-08, 19:21
5.40 if you got rear seats, or 10.90 if not.:eek:
not to sure if thats exact but you get the idea.
I've got rear windows an the rear seat removed at the mo, have the 5.40 ready and have had no trouble yet Rasp:

it goes on if you have rear seats its classed as private, and commercial if not..

i think .

07-07-08, 21:17
when i went over i took my v5 - my ex aa is classed on that as a diesel car. they wouldnt have it and charged me 10.80 or whatever...

i made a fuss and they still wouldnt have it. said as long as it has back seats its 5.40 if no back seats regardless of windows etc its 10.80. no budging. they even got the supervisor over.

if you did get a deal you're lucky.

i had a mate who was 2 short once and didnt realises he'd forgotten his wallet till he got there - they held up the traffic for about 15 mins, turned him round and made him go back round gloucester. he didn't have enough petrol and i had to meet him in gloucester to lend him some cash to get petrol.


07-07-08, 21:21
No rear windows or seats, got charged 10 something, but i was going on holiday so didnt really care. ;)

nasty nick
07-07-08, 21:35
i pull up to the toll with correct money, drop it in their hand,
smile and cheers mate, worked about 6 - 7 times so far

i always got enough cash to pay the 10 odd just in case.
i have got limo tint on the rear windows and pull up a bit closer to the barrier,
so they cant see in.I:I:I:

07-07-08, 21:48
Your all paying 10p too much!!! 5.30. My T5 has 9seats so I take a headrest off then I pay the 5.30. If I declare the 9 seats its double. Been over 3x this week.

07-07-08, 21:58
requirements are back seats and side window

07-07-08, 22:01
10.60 today panel van:(

08-07-08, 06:52
Your all paying 10p too much!!! 5.30. My T5 has 9seats so I take a headrest off then I pay the 5.30. If I declare the 9 seats its double. Been over 3x this week.
my t4 velle has 9 seats and ive always paid 5.30 either in change bin or to cashier,and i only just took my headrests off yesterday.

08-07-08, 07:18
best to have the correct money and goto the change bin! i only got a rear window in the sliding door with no rear seat yet so dont risk the happy people in the booths!;)

but i think its only right to pay to come into Gods contry!:D

08-07-08, 07:34
Totally agree Brainy, and remember you get out free after spending all your dosh on holiday. LOL:

08-07-08, 10:56

Drove my new T4 2.5TDI 102 TEAM WHITE panel van over for the first time on Thursday night, for its first trip home to Wales to see the folks and have a surf, only to be greated with a 10.80 fee to cross the bridge, Gutted!!
Thats an extra 5.50 for a surf trip home!!

I was still singing mind, and it was raining, haha!!


08-07-08, 11:11
I had an argument with the happy girl in the booth, and she won that time. But since then i use the change bins and drive straight through with no problems. Cant they tell the difference between a work van and a polished every day driver!

08-07-08, 11:29
car rates for me too!!! Has anyone tried going through the correct money lane(where you throw change in the bin??)? They can't ask if you have seats there;)

sorry, missed previous posts!

08-07-08, 14:58
My small white Vauxhall Astra van = 10:plus. Our large Caravelle transporter minibus/mobile home 5:plus....seems to be no reasoning. If you run your own business they feel justified in stinging you.

Cannot wait for the tidal barrage across the Severn, then pay 20:00 each way. But then hopefully the cash will not be going to the frogs!....Cheers, Tony.