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Thank you

08-07-08, 15:08
Thanks to all you forum members for all the good advice T:

On my first conversion, have been using e-bay a lot untill i read on here
that people are getting ripped off.
So off i popped to my local VW dealer to check some prices,
slidding door step 25.63+VAT you won't see that on ebay for a second hand one.

Pick it tommorrow morning with a few other bits.
1 very happy T4 member Thanks againT:

09-07-08, 08:02
no probs muff man

09-07-08, 08:38
its a funny old place main dealers i think you just have to be on your guard where ever you buy these days,I had a job in last week which i needed some glass for a merc ebay price merc sprinter windows 89 each main dealer 69 a 20 quid saving is 20 in the rigth direction in my books.

doesnt always work out like that though

09-07-08, 10:23
Picked up my nice new shiny door step this morning
with the clips and other stuff that i ordered,
absolute pleasure to buy from, very helpfull
and reasonably priced A:

It was the Ashford branch by the way :D