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Nice lookin bus on the bay!

08-07-08, 19:30 em320271387094&_trksid=p3286.m14.l1318
Looks well smart...
Seems awfuly cheap tho!

08-07-08, 19:32
too good to be true

08-07-08, 19:33
thats what i was thinking!

08-07-08, 19:42
it does seem very cheap to me .. if anyone feels inclined to try and buy this van please dont fall for the " well ive had loads of interest but if you would like to send me a 200.00 deposit i'll keep it for you " scam

08-07-08, 20:27
hi guys ive just recently emailed the seller and there in spain and its been held by some transport company.

they asked for my full name and address and then i had an emailed asking me send the full amount and i would get a refund if i didnt like it within 10 days

just to recap it is to good to be true, scam all the way.

08-07-08, 20:40
Sneaky ers! :eek:

08-07-08, 20:43
I hope sum poor buyer doesn't get caught out with these s:cummy f:cckers.


I mean how is Ebay supposed to keep on top of all this.....


08-07-08, 21:17
just been on to ebay about this one .. should be off tonight if it's a wrong'en .. my guess it will be off by 11.30 pm .. I:

08-07-08, 21:27
They're quick enough to pull perfectly good ads on random technicalities :mad:

08-07-08, 21:30
Good on ya for informing Ebay. T:

08-07-08, 21:34
Balls i was gettin quite intested in this van :-( thought it was too good to be true and was waiting for a reply by email
Oh well back to the search!

08-07-08, 21:56
the old.... if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. Ebay bargains are few and far between now days... apart from my 2000 tdi 2.5 I just sold for 3250 that is!