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09-07-08, 08:33
Thought I would say a quick hello as I am new to the forum. Just got my first T4 and can't wait to start adding and changing things to it. Main job will be the interior, first thing to do is replace the headlining. Any advice/tips would be welcome.


09-07-08, 08:45
welcome to the forum, now your fun starts !

ref headlining it kind of depends whats wrong with the one you have if it is just dirty beyond cleaning then i tend to re-cover them black vinyl always looks good with some spots built into it, i like this methord as you can use the standard fixings and you know everything is going to fit when it all goes back together.

pic below sorry for the crappy quality me and cameras just dont get on give me a jigsaw any day of the week.

the other reason why i like this is if you then have the seats trimmed in vinyl it all matches sweet as a nut.


09-07-08, 08:53
Welcome to the Forum!T:

The addiction starts. A:

09-07-08, 09:02
The headlining is ok just looks poo compared to the rest of the new interior. I was thinking of just covering the lining so that I could the original fixings like you said. Where's the best place to get materials?

09-07-08, 10:14
lots of places sell the material its the glue you will need to make sure is right so it doesnt sag in the future, i have found some good and some bad glues and also found its how you use them makes the biggest difference letting them go tacky before use ect ect

its all a learning curve as they say, i think thats part of the fun of it.