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big potential t4

09-07-08, 10:41,Ne-7-8-27-64-105-133-146-236/search.action

green one a couple down
what do you think? 2.5tdi and lwb!

09-07-08, 10:42,Ne-7-8-27-64-105-133-146-236/search.action woops

09-07-08, 10:42
ahh its not working type in volkwagen and t4 for the model

Mr Mega
09-07-08, 15:51
You meen this one?,Ne-7-8-27-64-105-133-146-236/advert.action?R=200827313436539&distance=379&postcode=BN16+3PE&channel=VANS&make=&model=&min_pr=&max_pr=&max_mileage=

09-07-08, 16:03
wow that looks mint, what do you think's wrong with it ?

Mr Mega
09-07-08, 16:44
Nothing I hope as its now mine,A:

Now need to move on the VR6 Velle !!

09-07-08, 18:19
Well done Mr Mega, that was fast work it looks like a van with heaps of potential,
i mentioned it to the wife just fishing like and she promptly reminded me our next project is a new car for her, Doh!
Did you see it before buying ?

Mr Mega
10-07-08, 07:01
taking a flyer, it all looks,sounds ok, bought a red lwb2.5tdi for daughter of fleabay a few weeks ago and that turned out great, hope this fullfills expectations, just got to drive it 500 miles back from scotland so should be a good indicator.
Got a nice Saxo that would suit your wife?

Mr Mega
10-07-08, 07:04
PS, lists me as a van rookie,
Have had 3 type 2's, 2 type 3's and this is 3rd T4, still a Rookie Hmmm!!!