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Gearbox Broke with no warning

09-07-08, 13:52
Lost drive to my front wheels in my 2001 2.5 Tdi velle Ahhhh!

97 to join the AA to be recovered

50 for the nearest garage to tell me my gearbox was broken

94 to be low loaded to a vw van centre

1836 for new gearbox and clutch

And there was no warning this was going to happen. Van was fine before!!!!

Has this happened to anyone else?

09-07-08, 13:59
That sure is bad luck :( What mileage has your 'velle done?

09-07-08, 14:10
Its done 130000 and has the project power 165 bhp upgrade but been driving it very carefully since the fuel price has gone up.

The only consilation is I was thinking of getting a new clutch sometime soon and thats 900

I've heard of gearbox's going but you normally have 3rd and fourth gear left but in my case none of the gears worked and there was just a grinding sound.

24-07-08, 13:15

clutch sounds a tad over priced!!!!!

I paid 560 inc VAT for new clutch, hydrolic thrust bearing, 2 drive shaft oil seals!!!

paul ss
24-07-08, 14:17
naffers to paying them prices get a recondition box or send me your boxand will crack it open and fix it for you thats if you are capable of removing box T:

24-07-08, 15:20
same happened to my 1999 2.5tdi, 99000miles on clock.

changed 2nd to 3rd horrible sound and that was that.

i got a recon box 600 included courier and vat.

had a new clutch 175 and about 350labour for the lot

total price was 1200ish

the no for the gear box people was 01903850924 came with 3 months warranty.

hope that helps

24-07-08, 15:44
Here's an update

Turned out not to be the gearbox but the splines on the output shaft had worn off so cost 594 in the end but they also pointed out that I had a broken pedal box and clutch master cylinder. I gave them the repair code to see if it fell into the magical chassis number bracket but unfortunately it didn't.:confused:

Got quoted around 700 to have a new pedal box fitted so I've ordered a new clutch master at 72.85 and going to weld up the broken bracket myself.

Spoke to the mechanic when I picked the van up and he asked if I had done anything to the van because on his test drive it felt as fast as the T5 sport!I:

24-07-08, 16:10
please dont tell me your base van was an 88hp!!:eek: Darn an blast pressed button twice....

24-07-08, 16:11
please dont tell me your base van pre PPower was an 88hp!!:eek: