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Vag-com !!

09-07-08, 23:11
Vag-com ! as a lot of you know iam in process of doing my timing belts etc and have been building up info etc as i have never worked on these T4 bus untill now !! and thanks to all reply info etc !! been looking into the vag-com leads etc but i know next to nothing about them how to use them( i know they plug into dianostic socket on van and into laptop via software etc ! ) or what is the best make/unit etc would like advice on this !! and iam close to doing the belt change now made most of the tools ( well two anyway lol! ) got the cam belt kit/w/pump and building my confidance daily and going grey lol!! cheers guys T:

10-07-08, 00:50
Here's some reading for you.

10-07-08, 19:24
the vag com section in vwaudiforum is really good and theres a good bit in about doing the fuel pump timing (with or without an unlocked vag com ie sharewhere or paid for )

i did mine with a ebay lead and the sharewhere 409.1 vag com, it was fine allthough i had a bit of hassle setting up the computer and cable and i've now found that theres a blocke on vwaudi that sells cables which are probably better then the ebay one and there only 13! pm me if you get any probs ive got elsawin which is very usefull

hopes this helps nic