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Bits and Bobs

T5 Aid
10-07-08, 07:09
If got a few things, no longer needed. Rear Light covers, Seatbelt real covers, and covers for the side locking things on the tailgate. I also have an original VW rubber floor mat for the load area of the van. All in very good condition. The mat has seen little use so no holes. Just want to get ride, Im going to VW NW at Tatton so i can take tham with me. If your interested make me an offer. Like i say i just want to get rid and i dont want to but them in the bin.

gazza g
11-07-08, 22:41
pm sent cheers

11-07-08, 22:45
Cheap pass side mirror (The whole thing inc screws?) T:

11-07-08, 22:51
pm sent thanks dave:)

T5 Aid
12-07-08, 06:22
OK so all the covers have gone.

The rubber mate is still here tho.

I also still have this

I can take this to the Tatton show.