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Engine choice which one

Long Van Man
10-07-08, 16:26
Hi guy's I have the choice of two T4s one has the 2.4 and the other has the 2.5tdi which one is best :confused:. Thanks Steve.T:

10-07-08, 16:43
they are both really reliable/good engines and both get about the same mpg but the 2.5 is LOADS quicker so id go for that, but then i would say that as i have oneI:

10-07-08, 16:50
if i had the choice between a 2.4 and a 2.5 i would deffo go for the 2.5tdi .. ok so theres loads more to go wrong with a 2.5tdi but from what I've read 2.4 cylinder heads are made out of cheese and will break .. the 2.5 as pope said are v quick and really quite good on the old juice to boot T:

Long Van Man
10-07-08, 20:14
Hi guy's thanks for the replies am going for the 2.5 tdi. Going up to gatwick tomorrow get on plane wing it up to Newcastle pick up the T4 then long drive home:c. So if you see a Red T4 high top camper R reg heading south give me a Wave:T: Cheers. And thanks for your input;).

10-07-08, 23:06
I drove a 2.4 non turbo was soooo slow. Gatwick eh? flying? I trained it up to Doncaster yesterday and drove back to Brighton last night in the lovely weather, got my last one from Leicester.... bringing the Northern vans down south en mass