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wing mirrors

10-07-08, 20:40
sure this topic has gone b4 ?
yep u guessed it, smashed me drivers side mirror and yep nearly fainted when priced 1 up via vw. Need 2 get hold of plastic fitting behind mirror also but not the motor. Advice needed.

10-07-08, 20:49
Try Ebay...You'll probably need a complete mirror and I've seen electric one's on there for about 50ish new I think.

Definitely worth a look, or you could try GSF,, or Euro Car Parts, T:

10-07-08, 21:25
Hi, ive got an electric mirror thats just about to be taken off my EX AA vehicle. ive gone for two non electric matching ones, (HAD 2 ODD ONES) bought them at BVF, probably wrong type? size but you welcome to it for next to nothing if you want it? I'm in kidderminster not to far from Hereford? cannot see an obvious PART N0, only on mirror/glass III 02 * 17326 if thats any help to you?

10-07-08, 23:02
I want to try and get a drivers side mirror off a left hand drive t4 so can have 2 matching ones ... german ebay Im thinking