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VW mk 2 golf for sale??

14-07-08, 03:55
anyone fancy one!?!?
my old G reg golf mk2 gti 1.8 8v has to go asap.we bought the t4 as the main car and the plan was always to get rid of the golf.
by the end of today it will have 12 months MOT having had:
new discs and pads all round
new exhaust box
new immobiliser
new ignition barrel
full service last year with cam belt replacement.
the interior is immaculate and the bodywork is pretty good too!oh and it is totally standard.not lowered,no engine mods and no gay chav neons!!!just a classic mk2!!
looking for around 1200.
sorry for advertising here but its kinda t4 related...i need the cash to cover seats in my van!!:ILU::D