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Caravelle in Central Scotland (RARE)

26-01-12, 20:14
there is a K reg petrol caravelle in the scrappies at Bonnybridge just over the parts i think its called.All windows,seats and plastics apart from sliding door trim.A bit wet but would clean up.Tailgate still there and in good nick,all seat belts too,just incase anyone up here is interested,they dont appear much up here!!!

27-01-12, 06:22
If anyone is heading there, I could really do with a middle row offside seatbelt.
40 plus postage waiting. Pm me to confirm. Thanks ;)

27-02-12, 21:18
Is this van still in the scrappies or has it been squished??

27-02-12, 21:42
Prob still there. Twas just in when i seen it. Plenty of bits still.

02-03-12, 18:57
Thanks for that mate, got a few wee bits n pieces off it yesterday. Window motors gone unfortunately but still saved a fortune on ebay prices!

02-03-12, 19:03
hi guys could you tell me if the side door & tailgate are in good nick mines are bashed rather put on new than throw a tub of filler on her:D

03-03-12, 14:01
Looked ok as far as I remember. And a very unusual gold colour!

03-03-12, 19:18
was in today side and rear door looked ok no real damage to either paint is splitting but no dents

06-03-12, 19:11
Hey Fin,take your cheque book with you for the tailgate,the man charged me a fiver for a relay!He knows that we know that he knows what we're looking for!

06-03-12, 20:20
He wanted 15 for a seat belt catch from me. No chance.

09-03-12, 20:25
25 for rear most seat belts....EACH!!!

28-03-12, 15:24
Check the webbing on the nearside rearmost seatbelt, I wanted it but it's been jammed up against a bolt head or something. I wouldn't use it. I did get the electric windows, the sliding door step and the passenger door pocket out of it though.

28-03-12, 20:57
How much for the door pocket,if you dont mind me asking?

02-04-12, 13:42
How much for the door pocket,if you dont mind me asking?

I can't remember sorry. I do remember it being a good price though.

If anybody is looking for power windows, central locking or electric mirrors pm me, my mate Richy has the full VW kit for sale in his lock up in Bonnybridge

02-04-12, 13:48
He wanted 15 for a seat belt catch from me. No chance.

What price your safety ? I: