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Strange question but...

14-07-08, 13:10
... is there anyone in the east midlands, Mansfield, Nottingham, Leicester etc or anywhere on the way to Leeds from Mansfield that would be willing to lend me a set of steel wheels for my 97 Caravelle. I am getting my alloys refurbished but it is going to be a long and awkward job doing it one wheel at a time using my spare. I need a couple of new tyres but have been advised to get the refurb done before fitting the new tyres, but I need the new tyres within the next week and a half as I am going away on holiday and didn't realise the tyres were borderline illegal.

Anyone even got a spare one or two? ..or anybody selling any?


Sam. :)

paul ss
14-07-08, 13:39
am near all that lot am in worksop but afraid am in same situation mate as mine are border line at minute just on hunt for some alloys putting of fitting new wheels to ****ty steel wheels lol