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Where to Buy???

jeffery lady killer
14-07-08, 21:19
Any suggestions on where to buy a 2.5 TDI engine and all bits required to replace my existing straight 1.9d???

Ive had a quote of 1800 though i have no idea if thats good or not :-)

15-07-08, 07:04
does that include upgraded gearbox brakes etc? if so that doesnt seem that bad

jeffery lady killer
15-07-08, 08:18
um im not sure to be honest, i just told them what i had and what i wanted to do and they gave me that price. Il get back onto them and find out what i get. The place was called VW/AUDI SPARES.

team french
15-07-08, 11:02
im guessing it would be easyer to buy a 2.5tdi:confused: would all the bits fit to the existing chassis etc? the easyest way to get all the bits needed would be to buy a wrecked 2.5 id say.

jeffery lady killer
15-07-08, 13:31
Ive been told by the guys who sell them it would fit.

The thing is ive got a black (which is a new paintjob) T4 with bullbars, side bars, windows and full conversion inside bed, smev sink,(with pump) burners, zig unit 240 hookup and all done by my own hands :-) so its exactly what i wanted though i think the engine is fairly used and would like a newer one.

I dont know, am i being an idiot?????