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Registering as a camper with the DVLA

15-07-08, 17:15
Hi all, Think this has been covered before and have just spent an hour searching the site for an answer. What are the pro’s and cons of registering your van as a camper with the DVLA and how do you go about it? Virtually finished the conversion and would like it to be legal before I get gripped by the rozzers over some trivial matter.

17-07-08, 23:00
Pros ? I re-registered from panel van to motor caravan largely for resale value, and to make insurance more straightforward – but there’s also the bonus of an extra 10mph on the legal speed limits compared to panel vans. Maybe you could be done - if caught - if you didn't inform DVLA of changes to the vehicle on the V5 ? If your T4 is Y reg /later and currently taxed as a "diesel car" (some 'velles/AA vans etc), then you might manage to get into taxation class LGV if you are lucky - which would be much cheaper come the proposed increases.

Cons ? apart from the major hassle of dealing with DVLA (!), I've not found any.

Good luck with the DVLA - I was bounced between the local office and Swansea (who don't talk to each other !), but eventually got there. Best probably to start with local office - in our case the local office said new guidelines (this was in Nov'06) required them to inspect it, rather than relying on photos. You've also to complete the changes section to your V5C's "body type" section to motor caravan.

The basic requirements - in '06 - for being re-classed were: seats and a table; beds (OK converted from seats); cooking facilities (min. 2-ring cooker plus fuel/power source) & storage cupboard/ locker. All have to be secured solidly to the vehicle - although demountable is OK. We've a pretty minimalist day-van type camper, and managed to meet the requirements OK.

Good luck !
- RoryD