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MOT tastic...

15-07-08, 21:38
Hi there i have a t4 van which i have bought and converted.

Will having a sink, Gas bottle, Bed, fridge etc make getting a standard van MOT harder?

Will i have to chance it to a motorhome with the DVLA?

Mine is a 1.9TD 2000.

16-07-08, 13:24
Good afternoon Ollyfly, I have fitted bench seats that convert into a double bed and fitted cooker and sink behind the front seats but got no more than that. Didn't stop it getting an M.o.T.

It seems......after quite a few emails/telephone calls to D.V.L.A. our Caravelle/Transporter/minibus can remain as a minibus and doesn't need to be re-registered as a motor caravan / mobile home. As no major EXTERNAL alterations have been carried out. I believe this is satisfactory, untill someone more knowledgeable on the forum thinks otherwise? Cheers, Tony.

16-07-08, 13:59
I think it will be easier/cheaper to insure as a motorhome...but might be wrong?

16-07-08, 14:15
Speed limits change as do many toll prices. Just tell them it's a motorhome.

No MOT difference in theory (unless you let waste water drip on the testers headH:), although when assessing things I would imagine they would be more lenient on a camper than a van that could be doing 3000 miles a week all year.

16-07-08, 17:56
mots only test for certain things e.g lights, steering,breaks
so it makes no difference if it is a van or motorhome.
The only thing it may fail on is seat belts if they are fitted to rear seats and dont meet regs

some insurance companies will charge more for a self converted van than a standard van.
if its by a recognised camper converter it can be cheaper than a van

16-07-08, 18:34
before you change your van to a mnotorhome first look at the road tax think you will find it will be a lot more expencive i may be wrong but my van is2003 2.5tdi lpg(light goods vehicle) and my old van was p reg 2.4 plg and the tax is cheaper for the newer and bigger engined lpg van confused coz i am?