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X-reg Caravelle 1.9TD on Wirral

merseyside bossman
01-02-12, 12:35
The place with S reg panel van in, now have a X reg caravelle in, shortnose.

They say it doesnt have CL or EW

But does have a tailgate and all the gubbins

Lots of seats, didnt really ask about anything else.

this isnt there usual number, but they said anyone from the T4 forum would get a good deal ;)
0151 653 8888

Im gunna shoot down if i can get out of work and get some pics.

merseyside bossman
03-02-12, 18:52

03-02-12, 19:16
has it got any of the plastics left in the back?

merseyside bossman
03-02-12, 19:18
dunno mate, going to have a look tomorrow

04-02-12, 08:59
I'm after drivers side and passenger side seat belt height adjusters. The little black slides that fit in the recess where the top of the seat belt sits. How much if they they are there?

04-02-12, 11:26
Dont think its a caravelle,side windows are aftermarket ones so could be a converted panel van.

merseyside bossman
04-02-12, 15:34
saw it in person today,
its not a caravelle, but a converted van. the rear single seats move up and down the van on genuine runners

merseyside bossman
06-02-12, 16:30
Ive just heard they have another T4

so now they have :-

2.5tdi (intercooler) panel van -- Y reg
2.5tdi 88bhp crew bus
1.9td panel LWB

havent seen the Y reg one, hope too pop in on Saturday when im off

07-02-12, 17:05
Hi, I need the heater adjust cable (from instrument panel to heat adjust arm in engine bay). Could you takea pic of heater controls so I can see if its same type? I need it for a Y reg T4.

merseyside bossman
09-02-12, 16:14
best to give them a ring mate,
I could pick up any larger items up and bring to Dubfreeze show ( for a bacon butty) I::D

09-02-12, 17:42
message me prices on door cards ( on x reg)
roof bars the clip on ones ( best conditon )
rhs wing mirror in good condition, primed if u got one



merseyside bossman
10-02-12, 05:53
best to give them a ring mate,
I could pick up any larger items up and bring to Dubfreeze show

11-03-12, 17:57
Hi i`m after the housing plate for a triangle hazard switch...

23-03-12, 18:35
Am after 1.9 abl diesel pump

24-03-12, 16:08
bell me monday 01732 824551