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Black smoke/injectors

16-07-08, 15:38
major black smoke from a 2.4 on a p plate, it has a retro turbo fitted, im thinking injector overhall and pump, timing is ok, anyone any ideas on either fuel injection pump, set of injectors for this soon to be a member

wierd coming from a main dealer but the customer doesnt have massive amounts to spend on his vehicle

16-07-08, 15:40
its def over fuelling and on acceleration it kicks out masses of balck smoke, customer didnt want me to go to far into it to be honest

16-07-08, 15:46
your answering your own posts now... LOL:

16-07-08, 15:48
lol its one of those ones where i know the answers but it would be sooo expensive for me to do the job for the customer i just wanna help him out hes a nice honest guy