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Sliding door step

David Shiers
18-07-08, 17:04
:)Just been down to my local VW dealer and purchased a sliding door step,
to my surprise the bill came to 25.63 + VAT = 30.12, a lot cheaper
than what you would buy anywhere else.;)

18-07-08, 17:17
Do you think a grey one would be the same price?


Rob T:

David Shiers
18-07-08, 17:55
Grey, black as far as know, both the same price, give them a bell.T:

Steve W
18-07-08, 19:17
Hi Guys just goes to show that sometimes yer local dealer can do you a good deal on parts for yer van eh....

Steve W....

18-07-08, 20:16
bought one myself from the main dealer,same sort of price,always worth checking before laying out stupid money on ebay:ILU:

18-07-08, 22:06
got one from breeze totton last week in black same price. 10 cheaper than aftermarket ones and have sen some really big prices for rough second hand on ebay or at scrappies....

18-07-08, 22:20
ive been in to local vw 3 or 4 times in the last 7 or 8 weeks,but they were supposed to be on back order????the vw parts guy is usually 100% helpfull and gives me a good discount,just my luck i reckon