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written off...buy back advice needed

19-07-08, 09:25
Hi All.

need some advise, think my van is likely to be written off as beyond economical repair.

I'm intending to buy it back as its only superficial damage to pannels and wheels. I have some one who can do all the repairs for me.

I have a couple of things I'm un sure of though.

I'm hoping to get written of a s CAT D, I believe this meens I don't need to re-register it or affect the insurance. Can you negotiate with the insurance companies engenieer to ensure this or do they choose the CAT.

If its CAT C I believe i need to have the van checked to confirm the Identity at a VOSPA centre????? does this affect my chance of getting insured afterwards, or can I still drive it whilst getting the repairs done before the inspection? (can I insure it whilst its a CAT C write off????):confused::confused::confused:

Tring to find some market value comparables to get a decent PAV... any help been on ebay and autotrader... after a 1998 2.5tdi multi van with rear windows and seats, alloys?, 200K miles although full engine rebuild 20K ago.

Is this a tricky way to go? any advice greatly apreciated. thanks all.

pictures below are of damage, anyone know a good wheel refurb place in Taunton? or SW

cheers all...if it goes in my favour...respray...rs body kit...lowered 40mm....:)I:



19-07-08, 10:09
you need to tell thm that you want to keep the van ( do it it writing signed for) Where is the van now?
If its not at home GET IT HOME then they cannot just come and collect it from the bodyshop/garage with out you knowing .
When they come in with the offers you can refuse them 3 times telling them that you are not happy with the offer.
Get copys of adverts of simaler vans autotrader and the like., if you have to send stuff send it all signed for.

with regards to what CAT it will be I DUNNO! but.....

when my Nova got writtern of due to an un economical repair ( due to some T!T running into the back of it at 15MPH!!!) ( the T!T's insurance paid out i delt with them direct didnt even use my own insurance )
Anyway its down on the register as STOLEN RECOVERD!!!!!!!! :eek:

steve padda
19-07-08, 10:09
Cat D no vic check required you keep all orginal log book etc, Cat C will require a vic check I think it is now about 35, and they will send you a new v5 and it will say at the bottom that this vehicle has had substantial repairs.
You can still drive it on the original mot it is just that if you do not get a vic check the old v5 is not valid and it will show this on a check so can not be taxed till then.
Insurance cover should not be an issue as they do not ask if your vehicle has ever been written off, only thing to rember is that if you do claim again on this vehicle they may not value it as much.
I had a Astra written off as a cat C just because it had scratches (very light polished out easy) and a broken wing mirror cover, go figure.
It would not hurt to talk to the guy who comes to assess the van.


19-07-08, 10:45
Hi, I looked at buying a cat c a little while ago, I checked a few insurance quotes and none of them would touch the said vehicle, I have not had a claim for over 10 years and my usual insurance company are very good with any vehicles that I have insured, So all I can say is becarefull I think we all know what insurance can be like, after all the system they have of catergarising was set up by them, but they seem very wary of reinsuring them, just my thoughts, Good Luck anyway.

19-07-08, 15:52
thanks guys...was a little put off buy the whole CAT 3 and VIC check but the more I look in to it, it doesn't seem that bad. gonna try a quote from a random insurance company tonight to see what they say???? could make the disicion for me.

The van is at home as its only a few dings and scratches. so already compiling prices off ebay and Auto trader...lets see what happens?:ILU:

fat bloke no fingers
19-07-08, 21:27
Just my personal input but i used to buy Cat C & D's from salvage auctions, repair them and run them daily then move them on after a few months knowing i was happy with them. I have never yet had an insurance company ask if its recorded, let alone refuse to insure. The only time i thought i would come unstuck was some years back i bought a frontal damaged Xantia for the wife. Fixed it and Ran it for almost 12 months, then it suffered an elecrical fire, which wrote it off again. The insurers said as it was a total loss previously they would have to reduce the settlement accordingly. I couldnt believe my luck when i got back 400 more than it owed me and had a years use from it A:

Three weeks ago i bought a BMW 328i touring that belonged to my mate. It got vandalised outside his house. Needed 3 tyres, windscreen and 5 panels painting but they wrote it off and paid him nearly 2000. I asked if i could buy it from them as he wasnt interested and was told to make an offer, so i did ... I: a measly 150.
Couldnt believe my luck when they said yes. Still has 5 months T&T on it. Cost me 235 to sort the glass and tyres and i will paint it as and when i get time. The only thing i couldn't understand was they told my mate it would be a Cat C and personally i would have thought it a D due to no accident damage. The other odd thing is they left the Mot and V5 with the car for me and usually they take these away if its a C and you then need the VIC check doing.

Whatever they class yours as, i am sure it will be worth buying back, even if you dont want to keep it you could put it on ebay and it will get snapped up. You could end up making good money on it. One thing to remember is that once recorded, it's resale value will be around 25 - 35 % lower than a non recorded example of similar age and spec. You just need to weigh up, buy back figure, repair costs and future value to see if you think it is worth your time and effort.

19-07-08, 21:57
thanks fatbloke

thats just what i wanted to hear... spent a fair bit on the engine...but that doesn't hold any sway with the value...but runs like a dream so would like to keep it.

Will get the repairs done by a friend who restores splitties and bays. will probs go for body kit too.A:A:

thanks again can sleep easy tonight.


20-07-08, 08:34
How are you insured and how are you claiming?

I ask because if you are claiming off someone else's insurance (like whoever hit you), thus it is a 'third party' claim, then they have to decide the value of the write-off and give you the balance. As an example, say the van was worth 4500.00, they will go along the lines of offering you 4500, minus salvage of the vehicle, typically 500, so offer you 4000 plus the salvage of the van. As a third party claim, they cannot take the salvage and have to leave it to you, something to do with them having no contract or paperwork appertaining to that vehicle so they cannot take it.
If you are claiming through your own insurance, as they have paperwork relating to the said vehicle, they will want to give you the full price, but if you mention retaining the van, they will inflate the buy-back price once they know you are interested, but not tell the other parties ins and end up making a bit out of the deal.

20-07-08, 09:48

Im claiming through mine, although its a no fault found with me. as a she has admitted fault. so I won't loose no claims and don't have to pay exses, the insurance company are recovering all loses from her. so i guess this falls into what your saying batfastard. although my ins company are involved...I hope they'll go with a full price.

cheers dude