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Made a mistake in classified.

The Love Sponge
19-07-08, 09:36
Hello i was trying to place in the classified section to advertise my Velle for sale, half way through I hit the wrong key or something and hey presto the add went on half finished I tried to get it back but frustation attacked and what do you know the keyboard had a flying lesson. 1 new remote keyboard and help from Mrs Sponge we re-placed the add.
Looked today and the new add has not come up I want to remove the old add and start again. Any ideas. Thanks.

The Sponge.:eek::cool:

19-07-08, 10:17
Do you want to borrow this and go back in time and do it again?

It's only gathering dust in my garage.

19-07-08, 10:29
In the process of sorting it but having a keyboard flinging session myself:bhdhsy: