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CD storage conundrum

20-07-08, 12:33
I'm looking for a solution for my CD storage. At present they are in a shoebox on the floor of the cab, regularly trodden on by various children getting in and out...not ideal!

How and where do you all store yours?

I want something I can readily access whilst driving...any ideas?

20-07-08, 12:44
If you can afford it, buy an iPod compatible head unit & an ipod. All your cd's on one device & accessible at the touch of a button.T:

marine boy
20-07-08, 14:56
I have a HDD mp3 player myself, but if you still use CDs, a Sunvisor CD holder (holds 12) is a cheap option. There's some on Ebay for 3 delivered. I've seen them in pound shops as well.

20-07-08, 15:00
I used to have one of those sun visor ones, pretty goodT:

20-07-08, 16:41
I have an mstation and i never use a cd at all as all my music is on there

you can no longer buy them as the company who makes them has gone bust, however i got a brand new one from e bay for 62 and its a bloody fantastic bit of kit.

my advice to you is keep a look out on ebay for an mstation, you wont be disappointed.

20-07-08, 18:21
Ipod is prob the best way forward, but if you can't afford it (like me) what i use is the sun visor cd holder, you can have one on either side holding your current 20 or so favorites and a cd case holding 50 or more tucked under the passenger seat :ILU:

20-07-08, 18:34
Thanks for the suggestions. After all I've spent on my van recently, don't think I can stretch to an ipod and head unit just now so I've been to ebay and got myself a sun visor cd holder. Exactly the kind of thing I was after.
You see....this is why this forum is so fantastic....I would never have thought during my hours of procrastinating and searching the cab for a nook or a cranny that they'd fit up in the sun visor of all places!

Hotel California
20-07-08, 19:32
I use one of the sun visor storage items. quite handy as its right in front of you and only a fiver...:)

20-07-08, 21:11
5.00 , just copy them so your not scratching the originals .