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Van Values 2.5 Tdi V 1.9 Td

20-07-08, 17:06
Hi to all again...has anyone noticed the gulf in prices between these two t4's the 2.5tdi seems to command about 2k more for a van of the same condition but in a 1.9td. variant....
I am considering changing my 1.9 for the 2.5 but is it worth all the 2k more when you can tweak the 1.9 a fair bit for little money.....
My van is a 2002 L.W.B 1.9tdi with audi a6 rims..lowered 55m and fully colour coded..

team french
20-07-08, 17:10
chances are you'l end up paying more tax with a 2.5 aswell

steve padda
20-07-08, 19:57
chances are you'l end up paying more tax with a 2.5 aswell

Only if not registered as LGV, as it should not go up too much as a lgv.


20-07-08, 20:37
the 2.5tdi is pretty damn good to be honest. 40mpg easy and not to mention much more lively than the 1.9td

Matt T4
20-07-08, 20:58
Anyone know how 2.4 compares?:confused:

20-07-08, 21:01
I had the 2.4..not much in it with the 1.9td...the 2.4 cruises a bit better on the Mway, but once on the A roads the 1.9td is about the same...

20-07-08, 21:05
Ive had 2 2.4's & a 1.9td.....Not much in them to be honest but if you tweek the 1.9 for very little/no money it's a lot better than the 2.4 T:

Matt T4
20-07-08, 22:02
I know how the 2.4 and 1.9 compare driving wise, as I drive a 2.4, just wondered on the money stakes?
Not that I'd sell mine of course, except for the right price!!!

20-07-08, 22:05
Probably worth about the same as a 1.9td.....its the dreaded tdi that is the expensive t4...some folk asking more money than a T5!!!!