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When are its best days behind it?

20-07-08, 23:39
I'm looking to buy a 2.5 TDi van.

Being the sort of vehicle it is, naturally many started their lives as work vans. Most offered for sale have mileages that are often well into the 100k and frequently over 200k. Mileage and condition logicaly reflects price.

In all areas of mechanical life, everything has a usefull life expectacy. You know the sort of thing I'm talking about. First it's shiney and new working perfectly, then the newness wears off, then the previously faint noises slowly grow louder. You replace the worn parts to keep it going, that becomes more frequent and eventually you're throwing good money after bad :( . At that point it's really reached the point of being past it's useful and economical best.

I know this question depends on many factors like the user/s, usage, maintenace and environment. However, roughly at what mileage would a normaly used maintained and worked average T4 have its best days behind it? Or to put it another way, what kind of mileage figures would I be best to avoid? Is over 160k on the original main components ( engine, gearbox etc ) borrowed time or nothing to worry about? 180k? 200K?

21-07-08, 16:59
I had a 2.5 t4 for 4 and a half years,,,when I sold it recently it had done 216,000 miles on original engine..only probs I had was sticking hydralic tappets..these were intermittant at that..and a cv joint.....