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t4 in scrap yard 5min from jct31 m1

paul ss
21-07-08, 11:10
theres a t4 in scrap yard 5min from jct31 m1 not sure of what condition its in i havnt seen it myself but just been told there is one there , dont think there the cheapist place around but i dont no never bought t4 bits before

Gateford Road Workshop Gateford Rd Gateford
S81 8AE
Tel: 01909 475232

if your after anything especialy will have a drive down as only 5min from me T:

11-01-09, 15:32
does he get them in reglar only 2 mins from j31 my self.

paul ss
11-01-09, 19:04
yea he does mate

if you need anything just give him a ring or let me no shall pop down see what he has got in, bits do sell fast though .

failing that i no of another breaker that has a fair bit of stock , must have atleast 10 tailgates must have 10-15t4 vans in bits .:eek:

its just at the end of a57 around 7-8miles from jct 29 or about 6miles from jct 30 just come of at jct 30 and follow a straight road and its at end of that road called fox dismantlesrs

11-01-09, 21:23
ahhh kewl ill keep an eye owt dont need any bits as yet but always gd to know were they are lol