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intercoolers 1.9 td x 2

21-07-08, 17:05
GUYS...I have a plan to fit an inter cooler to my t4..I have cut the bumper out and placed a nice mess grille in the hole..for the lower bumper fitment...My question is ''what about'' a second inter cooler in the normal place for the t4..on top of the motor???????? would this be a problem? and would it be a better option than a single one?

paul ss
21-07-08, 17:10
simple answer no fitting 2 wont bennfit you will make it worse more pipe run and bad design of pipework = turbo lag and fitting one at the front is more than upto the job

21-07-08, 17:35
Ok..thats sorted then...thanks...stick with the one.....

paul ss
21-07-08, 17:42
try keep pipe run as short as possible and away from heat if possible , if your feeling realy posh lag the pipes , idea is to keep them short but nice mandrel bends in so no tight cornors T: