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Self build camper plans on ebay

21-07-08, 17:27
Has anybody tried these self build plans that you can get on ebay for about 7 - 9?

Are they worth a look?:dunno:

21-07-08, 17:35
Have no experience of them myself but...

Have a browse on here long enough and you'll probably find all the answers and ideas you can think of!


21-07-08, 17:43
I've got them. They are by Balloo - forum member and mod. Pretty good I must admit and lots of useful info but a lot of the it (and many of the pics) is on his build thread copied here from the old forum. Do a search.


21-07-08, 17:56
Cool, will do!

21-07-08, 20:57
FISHFACE you are better off puying 10 and joining the forum fully so you will be able to see the hudreds of camper builds on here. Ballo's is just one of them here. Worth the money i assure you!! :ILU: