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Fuel consumption

The Saint
21-07-08, 17:46
Hi all

i'm thinking of getting a VW T4 for work. I'm an electrician.

I have heard they are good on the mpg. Is this true and if so what kind of mpg might i get.

Was thinking of getting a 2.5 tdi but could be persuaded to get a 1.9 depending on mpg and other costs etc.

Hope you guys can help.


paul ss
21-07-08, 17:47

F10 Globetrotter
22-07-08, 18:52
Hi, My 1995 'M' T4 1.9 T4 does about 35+ MPG depending on how you drive it and what type of running you are doing. I think you would be struggling to get a small car to do that.


22-07-08, 21:54
My 2003 2.5 is averaging 41 mpg

22-07-08, 22:18

Just measured my MPG over 3 tanks with varied conditions.

1995 M T4 1.9D gets 36 mpg, and that was including 1 tank of veggie oil mixed in over 3 tanks.

40p a litre cheaper and no loss of power or mpg.

Hope this helps


23-07-08, 22:36
my 1997 r reg 2.4d does on avarage 40 mpg thats on a run and round town mixed together

23-07-08, 23:07
before i lowered my van and stuck alloys on it, I was getting 40+ mpg... I do mainly motorway miles and the 1.9td is brilliant... all be it a little high reving, but she runs great... the 2.5's can be a little more thirsty, but having spoken to loads of people about them, they can be a serious pain when things go wrong... The 1.9's are very easy to maintain apparently... I'm no mechanic tho, and tbh love my 1.9td to bits, so may be a little bias!!

Jono :ILU:

sian l griff
24-07-08, 16:08
got an S reg 2.5tdi caravelle and have just done a 700 mile round trip to cumbria and around the lakes lots of hills and spead limits through villages and ours done an average of 46 mpg which is really good A:A:A:
So we are really pleased with that as when we were on the motorway we didn`t hang about!!I:I:
Sian :D

24-07-08, 22:08
got an EX AA 2.5 and the fuel economy is great, reckon close to 40 mpg, not that far behimd my old 130 passat, but not as good as my old octavia, off to the lakes soon so will do an accurate calculation after trip, I'd always go for a 2.5 personally.T:

25-07-08, 09:18
I find in my 2.5tdi that when i fill up at tesco or the other supermarkets, my fuel consumtion goes down compared to filling up at the likes of shell or BP. Anyone else had a similar experience? I am convinced that i get better mpg when i fill up at shell!
By the way 95ish to fill from empty around 600 miles to a tnak

25-07-08, 10:08
I have bought a batch of diesel before at a supermarket. whether it is true i dont know, but they dont always have the best quality of fuel.

I always buy Shell if possible, maybe pointless but i think it makes a difference. Surley the company who own the oil from start to finish should provide the best fuel? i dunno.
My fuel consumption i gash at the moment and i dont know why:( :dunno: (see my thread in engine section if you have an answer :) )

25-07-08, 10:22
i always go for shell aswell the tesco/morrisons ect stuff isnt as refined ive been hearing.