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Thanks guys

21-07-08, 19:35
i must admit the 1000th post thing was a bit of a laugh (dont worry muddy youre jacket is safe lol) and it was nice to see the posts etc and i hope you all enjoyed the banter etc, which was my intention all along, theres a good rapport within the forum which i feel needs to be comended not taken the p:c out of and its nice to know what i do for a living and who i work for means so much to people out there, if anyone needs owt or wants to drop me a line feel free, im always around somewhere, and paull ss, the into men thing really hurt me, do u want to meet up at the blue oyster bar for a beer? du du du dahhhh dahhhh LOL:LOL:LOL:LOL:LOL:LOL:

and where do i find the pub on here

laters im off to annoy the missus!

paul ss
21-07-08, 19:42
for sure am down the blue oyster most nights lmao i will be the one with all the leather on stood behind the door for when you walk in LOL: i was hoping it might get a response and i get a free jacket and cup but out of luck you didnt take the bait T:

22-07-08, 11:56
im sooooo worried about u paul!