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Recon engine?

22-07-08, 08:05
Hey guys

Ive posted a few over the last couple of months regarding the various noises coming from my 2.4 non turbo lump.:confused:

Ive had a reliable source listen to it(VW Specialist) and he reckons that its possibly the small end bearing that has gone.He says that Im looking at a bill of between 200 and 1000.00 depending on what they find after removing the sump and having a proper look.

My question: Has anybody had their engine reconditioned? and if so by whom?, and also how's it going since it was done?

Im a firm believer in once you open an engine , the rot will set in.I:
Ive had a quote from a company at for around 1300.00 to do my own engine - anybody used them.

I know I need to wait until Hes had a proper look before I get freaked out but Im trying to keep all options open at the moment.T:LOL:

Do any of you guys know of any other reconditioners who specialise in V Dubs??????



22-07-08, 08:09
how much is it to get hold of a newer engineor low millage engine and have it fitted instead?

22-07-08, 11:12
If you look around you can get a motor for about 400 - 500 (there are a few on fleabay at the moment)but then you dont know what you are getting.

While I am normally the trusting type(read-been caught before)I:

If a breaker tells you its a good engine and belonged to a mate,blah, blah, blah..........LOL:

you just cant tell, especially if you have to pay someone to stick it in as well.



22-07-08, 11:57
Ive just phoned around and found an engine.

71000 miles on the clock - 625.00 +vat , so 734.00:blg

plus a couple of hundred no doubt to exchange.

My current lump has 129 000

something to think about



paul ss
22-07-08, 12:04
to be honest mate depending on what damage has acured to your other engine it shouldnt be that much of a big repair , how bad is it rattling etc , could just be needing new set of bearing which aint a hard job nor a expensive one , if its spun a bearing and the crank is scored ,

worse comes to worse i would imagine crank regrind if the old shells have scored it and a new set of over sized bearings T:

paul ss
22-07-08, 19:20
just a quick noe but if he tryes telling you that you require a new crank as old one scored dont take none of it theres no reson to instal a new crank at all just grind and oversized bearings

i send my evo to a local garage well the misis did i was away didnt find out till i come back and they had orded a new crank over 800 from nitubushi when all it needed was 30-50 for grinding and set of acl oversized bearings at 30ish , so if you get fed that ask whats wrong doing it this way most garages never seem to no that it can be done , garages just replace like for like easy actualy modifing something thats already there is better and a old crank will have bedded in nice so why change T: