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Fuel prices falling?

22-07-08, 08:51
Just noticed last night on the way to my local off license that Morrisons diesel is 5p per litre less than last week, 1.25.9 from 1.30.9
Hopefully won't be the last reduction we see.

22-07-08, 08:52
See here https://vwt4forum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=16870

22-07-08, 10:33
Ahh, missed that.
Vyper, when was the last time any tourists got sunburned in N.Devon? The last few times I've been I could barely see through the fog, eventually made my way back to the shore though.
P.S. I'm not a tourist, I just haven't moved there yet.

22-07-08, 11:07
no change here in taunton !!!Rasp:

22-07-08, 13:02
Said on the news this morning that Morrisons and Asda were dropping prices by up to 4p per litre and Sainsburys 5p but only if you buy over 50s worth.


22-07-08, 18:11
and neither of them are in bloody exmouth!!:(

22-07-08, 20:01
Morrisons Wellington, down 5p litre, no shopping necessary. Sorry Devon crew thats Wellington Shropshire. Just filled up ready for the trek down your end this weekend. Any waves forecast?

22-07-08, 21:16
Paid 1.40 for ultimate down here ...ouch

23-07-08, 09:11
Morrisons in Tiverton (Devon) have dropped from 1.32 to 1.28, hope to see some more reductions, but bet it will never get back below a quid.

Once they've managed to get it that high you can guarantee they will never drop it that low again.

[email protected]$tards!

23-07-08, 11:41
fuel round my way in portsmouth is available for 125pence per litre, its dropped over the last couple of weeks! hooragh!