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Is there anything you don't like about your T4

Matt T4
22-07-08, 17:30
I've had my T4 for 2 years now and love it to bits, just wondering if anyone has a niggle about theirs? Only thing wrong with mine is the 2 foot scrape down the side where i backed into a teracota plant pot!!!
Any one?

team french
22-07-08, 17:35
my niggle is that my kids dont try and keep it as clean as i do!!!! i found chocolate on the end of my arm rest the otherday:bhd

22-07-08, 17:35
i hate the holes in the dash left by th aa and i hate the fact i have to hold my imobilizer fob behind my back and squeeze it every time i start the van up. have tried putting fob in the seat but still wont work:confused:

Mr Big
22-07-08, 17:52
I dont like the fact the paint is a bit scabby in places and that it doesnt have 200bhp!

paul ss
22-07-08, 17:54
standard steering wheel is huge LOL: feels like driving a bus

Matt T4
22-07-08, 17:54
.....and that it doesnt have 200bhp!
With you on that one, would be sweet!

22-07-08, 18:04
I dont like the fact the paint is a bit scabby in places and that it doesnt have 200bhp!

Mines a bit scabby in places, too many other things need doing first

22-07-08, 18:05
standard steering wheel is huge LOL: feels like driving a bus

I changed mine for one of these bad boys.

22-07-08, 18:09
squeaky belly tray.fuel bill. colour=black = fooker to keep clean! other than that i love it too buy other than my mk2 golf gti(which is for sale by the way)T:
must be a vw thing!!

Steve W
22-07-08, 18:29
Hi All, The only bits i do not like about my T4 are the bloomin dings other car owners keep putting in it when its in a car park !

Its not just a van, its my B####y Van....
Last count 5 of em, an a lovely long dent.

Must get some quotes, an get em sorted out.
Other than that i love it....

Cheers, Steve W....

22-07-08, 18:36
i hate the fact that i dont have enough money to get it the way i want it,but owning a vw is a lifelong thing,good things come to those who wait

22-07-08, 19:02
i dont like the fact that our passat has loads of choice items on it that are not on my van . Im tempted to nick them all pop them on my van and burn the evidence.


22-07-08, 19:08
i could do with a 6th gear
and the steering column has no adjustment on it

22-07-08, 19:09
My gripe was going to be the gear lever being a couple of inches too short, but that is small beer and can be fixed.

My problem is procrastination....had the bus for a few years now and having trepidacious thoughts on getting out there for a weekend! A reminder of a few years suffering from Severe Clinical Depression. It don't 'arf leave its mark...Still, with the people on this site, things are looking up. Cheers, Tony.

22-07-08, 19:14
I fitted a badgeless grill to my longnose, I'm still not sure......but for now it stays. I just think it looks a bit "garyboy" sometimes.LOL:


22-07-08, 19:46
All the squeaky, bangy, clangy, rattly noises from the back which all seemed to have only emerged since I sorted the jingly, scrapy, raspy noise in the front. Note to self: Bigger speakers needed.

Mr Big
22-07-08, 20:41
Mines a bit scabby in places, too many other things need doing first

Well im trying to sort out the scabby bits but its not working out all that well. I:

Will keep an eye out for your van though, im in High Wycombe quite a lot T:

22-07-08, 20:42
The angle of the steering wheel makes reaching the top of the wheel a stretch with the seat fully back.

T4's are a little narrower than T25's meaning the beds are not wide enough for 2 people.

22-07-08, 21:25
The interior isn't as big as a T25 and the engine is in the wrong place!

T4 Tom
22-07-08, 23:19
Although impressed with the reliability of my 1.9TD engine and power it now produces along with fuel consumption, its a bit noisy for my liking... although it wouldn't be so noisy if it revved lower in 5th gear.

So Yeah I'd like some better cab insulation (which I will do as much as I can of) and the ability to cruise at lower revs.

Everything else is great really... would quite like some higher spec features e.g. leccy windows, air con and cruise control I:

23-07-08, 05:33
Cab noise is a problem...and electric windows would be great too..

Main problem with mine ( apart from the obvious dents and scratches) is its always an ongoing project.....the list of things never ends theres always a little mod I want to do and they always cost money...I:

steve padda
23-07-08, 05:44
Clutch pedal brackets.... made from paper thin metal
Stupid clutch set ups on the 2.5

other than that LOVE it



23-07-08, 06:28
the fact that i havent got one yet!

23-07-08, 11:44
ditto on the gear shift being too low down, didnt they think to do some ergonomic testing before they released it that way!?

23-07-08, 12:00
Gearshift too low for me but it's an auto so no chance of extending, mind you, it doesn't get used much, Park, Reverse, Drive. T:

Rust round tailgate window is annoying. Height adjustment for seat and steering wheel too!

23-07-08, 12:45
the 12ft long dent along the side of the van where a silly woman couldn't decide which side of the road was hers.......:(

but booked in for repairs on friday...I'll get my sparkly new alloys back, and resprayed along one side...they sholub even take the other dings out that where there beforeA:A:

apart from the other odd bits o scrappy paint work...i love it.

23-07-08, 12:53
A sixth gear!!! one so that you can coast at 80 and not have any revs. if i came to a hill then just drop it into 5th......

23-07-08, 12:57
I wish that they had a better front suspension set up as when you lower them they cant take it propperly and the front goes up and down like a nodding dog.
Also stronger clutches to cope with PP, but thats my fault i suppose.

23-07-08, 13:49
A squeaky sliding door!

Thought I fixed it, cos it stopped for ages, now it depends on what mood it is to whether it squeaks or not. Has driven me CRAZY!

Also would like better cooling internally, cant remember ever having a vehicle for getting so stuffy.

big bazza
23-07-08, 17:23
the bit of rust on the drivers door sill ,does my head in every time i look at it ,and my lack of nice wheels ,(serious cash flow probs)
forgot to mention the bloody uncomfortable seats as well

23-07-08, 18:05
The fact that I cannot see the indicator lights in my dash through the steering wheel. The whistle coming from an (untraceable) air leak in the induction circuit.

loud ed
23-07-08, 20:31
the bit i hate is i have to use mine for work
I cant hear any rattlels knocking or whistling coming from any where like most of you.Dont know whyI:

TDI Dave
23-07-08, 22:06
cleaning it ! :)

23-07-08, 22:15
that its a misely 1.9d but i do look good going slow.:cool:

24-07-08, 08:42
Low 'n Slow Rocket :cool:

24-07-08, 10:51
the fact that it attracts people trying to race me? mind you i do ok in a 102

24-07-08, 15:46
[QUOTE=mattsthat;139703]A squeaky sliding door!

Thought I fixed it, cos it stopped for ages, now it depends on what mood it is to whether it squeaks or not. Has driven me CRAZY!

Get yourself over to a caravan supplies shop and buy some awning rail lubricant, and spray a bit on the rubbers and the pointy bit that goes in the holey bit when you shut the door, don't need much on the rubbers as it spreads quite a way. Sorted mine. Just need to locate the other noises now.

24-07-08, 18:29
the amount of time n money im spending on it :c

29-07-08, 06:55
Mine makes me spend money on stuff I know I shouldn't, but it's cheaper than a bit on the side (but irrates the wife just as much!). See what I mean, I'm justifying it now!

26-08-08, 19:06
that stupid pedal box!!!!!!!!!!:c:c:bhd:bhd

26-08-08, 19:49
The fact that since I changed the front seats for two Type R's with swivels means they now sit too high, I can't sit up right anymore as i'm too big. Add this to the fact that with the seat slouched back you can only reach the bottom of the steering wheel!!!

Its amazing what you can put up with though when you priortise othe job's, like speakers :cool:

The main bonus does mean I'm the only one who can reach the pedals so the misses can't drive it..... saying that might just leave them that way H:

Oh yeah am alos worried about damaging the front bumper when I ram raid the local jewellers to pay for this money pit!!

26-08-08, 20:09
not had mine long but the sqeaky door gets on my bits and the fact i bust the heater controll and its stuck on hot :c

team french
26-08-08, 21:41
any one else think that the a pillars can leave a big blind spot when pulling out from a junction etc?

26-08-08, 21:53
I love the van but i've only had it since mid April and I still sh:ct myself every time I hear a strange creak or noise....

Because the thought of a bill from VW scares the living sh:ct out of me.

My last T4 of 5 years was a 2.0l petrol but I've now got a 2.5TDI velle and I don't know if it's just a bit out of my depth for maintaining/costs etc....


26-08-08, 22:23
The hole above the lock on my drivers door where some :c jammed a screwdriver in trying to break in and couldn't so smashed the window instead.............(1)

so now got passengers window tinted and drivers window not tinted (2)

excess of 300 on insurance means i'm learning to live with it........................:(

used to be really irritated with aa glove box cover which kept falling open but got proper glove box off the forum :)

which another :c jammed open and broke the lock on when breaking in(3) aaaaaaaaaargh

just scratched the paint all down edge of sliding door trying to fit a second hand freezer in when other person holding it let go AAAAAArgh!!!!! ( and then having to smile and say oh it doesn't matter ...........really )

And that little bit of rust on the petrol cap............

oh and the chip out of the drivers mirror (my fault)

But she's all paid for and all mine and i love her to bits for all the fun me and the kids have had since i've had her and the fact that she isn't show room perfect means that i'm not too precious about wiping feet and slinging in dogs, kids, welllies, bikes, muddy football/rugby kit, plaster of paris and plaster casts off the beach at southerndown (don't ask.........i'm an art student doing ceramics lol)

And she's far more reliable than the ex husband...................

goes where i tell her ,when i tell her and doesn't mess around....................LOL:LOL:LOL:

oh god now i'm beginning to sound like those american weird guys who loved ( literally) their cars :eek::eek::eek:

i have a life (sometimes ) HONEST !!!!!


27-08-08, 06:10
I dont like the fact that i cant afford to do all the things i want to do to it NOW!! patience was never my strong point :ILU:

27-08-08, 06:37
the fact i dont got one yet is a biggie! LOL:LOL:LOL:LOL:

27-08-08, 08:31
any one else think that the a pillars can leave a big blind spot when pulling out from a junction etc?

Believe me. its nothing compared to the pillars on my Seat Altea!

27-08-08, 12:08
Only had mine a couple of weeks.
Loving every bit of it including the scrapes bumps squeeks etc.
Missing only one thing ......... a full load of page 3 birds!

27-08-08, 12:22
The fact that the electric mirrors are fooked and I've hit a pillar ( don't you just HATE those frigging NCP Pillars ) and a car in the past 2 weeks

27-08-08, 14:23
[email protected] traction on wet grass, Type25 was much better with the engine over the driven back wheels. everything else is better on the T4 though

27-08-08, 16:00
Hate the fact that i don't get the chance to drive it every day. Cos when i drive it i smile for england:D

Mrs SB

28-08-08, 00:57
The interior isn't as big as a T25 and the engine is in the wrong place!

Get a LWB :D

28-08-08, 00:58
any one else think that the a pillars can leave a big blind spot when pulling out from a junction etc?

Nope, but then I drive a transit connect at work!:eek:

28-08-08, 01:00
My leaky sliding door seal es me right off.

29-08-08, 01:08
I like the SLD squeak (wife is not keen), I just sold a '93 D and got an 03 TDi with the toys, the only thing it lacks is character and the chuffin squeak fills a hole. Mind you my daily drive is a 19 year old E30 316i which is now sounding like a combine harvester !