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wind deflector fix

22-07-08, 21:52
I thought I would share this with you as I have found it worked for me .
The problem I had was that my new wind deflector on the drivers side came out of the window guide when I lowered the window it was becoming annoying and even with the small black fixings which came with the deflectorsin place it was still happening .
What I did was get some 3 core flex and split it long ways and removed the 3 cores of wires I then fed the split outer caseing along the edge of the wnd deflector and taped it in position I then fed the wind defector back in to the window guid and the deflector is know held firmly in place .It has worked fine now for a couple of weeks so I will now permanenetly fix the cable outer to the wind deflector with Super glue.
If you have the same problem you may wish to try this idea but if it does not work for you dont blame me but a least you will not have damaged the delector or the window guide.