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most power achived

paul ss
23-07-08, 02:55
whats the most power pepole have ever achived from the t4 1.9td and 2.5 think most i have seen is 155bhp

state what you made and wether bhp or whp please also lbft if you have the graphs handy

many thanksT:

24-07-08, 07:21
on the 2,5 we have some at 172.

Mine is 165 odd.

320 nm torque....

Project Power.

paul ss
24-07-08, 07:23
nice figures take it thats @fly T:

paul ss
24-07-08, 12:18
nice figures take it thats @fly T:

dont suppose you have any flow results from the bench for the head do you or manifold might be worth getting manifold and depending on flow test the head ported cheap enough and should give 30ish bhp i would imaging depending how bad ports areI:

25-07-08, 09:12
Power quoted at the wheels 167bhp with project power.

There was a guy calling himself shadowmaker on this forum with 300bhp check out his vids on youtube

Quarter mile in 14,53s with loads of smoke

25-07-08, 11:45
I think you will find that the BHP figures quoted for PP'd vans are flywheel figures...not at the wheels.

25-07-08, 12:00
Yep at fly wheel.

320 nm torque too.

Porting is an option but removing the head is a headache so I didnt bother..

paul ss
25-07-08, 13:54
thanks guys sounds enough for everyday use 150ish put much more through and its a waste in fwd , rember my old renualt 5 gt turbo power and fwd just a waste of timeT: