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Vanfest Raffle

23-07-08, 16:21
Ladies and gents,

into the vanfest raffle i have put a service kit (obviously not the actual kit as i probably wouldnt guess the actual model for the winner) but the added extra would be, should you win and you live/work relatively close to us at maidenhead i will carry out the service FOC parts and labour, if there is anything extra required to the service they will be charged at discounted forum rates, i truly hope whoever the winner is enjoys the prize and we look forward to seeing you here.

(jimbo/dave im not advertising honestly just ive been asked what the "extra" thing was posted on muddys thread)

loud ed
23-07-08, 20:38
must i bow now your a lord
plenty of spare time at work thenI:
nice prize fellaT:

24-07-08, 06:13
i dont get much spare time at work to be honest i smoke too much, i just thought it would be a nice prize considering how much these things cost, it will be useful to one of the members maybe the money saved can be used for soemthing else to spoil the van?

im a lord, oooooooh dont like that liked bein a jedi lol

24-07-08, 12:18
knowing how many people will be there i bet someone from scotland wins it lol