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My van has a more exciting life than me...

23-07-08, 20:16
Currently doing the major re-furb on the Pistachio (may be a new colour soon) Passion wagon, and realised my van is currently in bits....and spread across the world....a bit.

Currently have a dash being re-furbed in the East of England and a piece I'll keep secret being chromed in the West Coast of America.....

That and the other kit of bits at home, in the barn, in the car, in my imagination etc:eek:

So, new doors, new engine, new wheels.....

I miss my van! But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And a coffee at the Ace.

23-07-08, 20:33
cant wait to see it again T:

loud ed
23-07-08, 20:33
how soon is soon T:

23-07-08, 20:44
I think its the delay in completing swapping engines thats doing it for me...I drive past a scrappy and come out with two sunroofs...I bid on a new flush sink and win at bargain price, I get new panels and door, new bed trim.

Worst bit is the lovely curtains my mum made really need doing in a new colour!!! How do I sweet talk her into new ones????

How long....oh, this long: I: jpg

23-07-08, 20:51

Mike surely you can measure up to that? LOL:

What is 9cm in time? I guess if you travel really slowly then you could stretch it out until the end of the summer. Does that sound about right?