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Cruising speed / over-revving

24-07-08, 06:30
Just been reading the post about the high revs needed to maintain 70mph plus in the 1.9Tdi and am a bit surprised that the T4 needs to be ragged at these speeds, especially since most in the UK probably cruise at 80ish on the m'way (when they are not pottering through miles of cones).
I expected that a van might be a little short geared so that it can still move when fully loaded or towing a trailor but didnt expect the cruising speed to be so low ....... I have been tailgated by tranny vans and Mercs in the outside lane on many occasions so is this just a T4 1.9 thing ?
Does the 2.5 fair any better on the m/way ?

24-07-08, 18:43
depends what you think is over revving, in mine i'm doing about 3200rpm at 80mph, and it stays there happily all day long, it will cruise up to 95 it just makes a bit more noise, but that's a 2.5tdi! with PP:D

24-07-08, 20:34
i was thinking of starting a thread asking people what speed/rpm/engine figures they get

But to make things simple, one of the variables needs to be fixed, i suggest revs.

So my 2.5 tdi acv unmodded does 75 mph at 3000 revs on CC