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AA vans

24-07-08, 06:35
The AA vans look like good value and also look cool when colour coded ......even if they all appear to be SWB not LWB like I would ideally like (I need the rear seats but would like a slightly larger load area when they are fitted).

I read somewhere that these have some sort of air assisted suspension at the rear and was wondering whether this was an issue when you come to lower the van.


24-07-08, 07:20
I'd say they were some would say they are not.

The supplier of the sus kit says you cant run em empty as they are likely to split but I know some guys do anyway...

24-07-08, 08:37
they're really easy to take off anyway. there's a bolt or two and they're just held at both ends ofthe springs. And then there's the air pipe that just needs disconnecting.

24-07-08, 18:40
i run mine nearly empty most of the time with a - 40 lowering kit on, haven't broke yet! if i've got loads in it or i'm towing i can pump them up so the suspension is nice and stiff or just raise it slightly to keep the 40mm (as opposed to the 80mm) lowering look when fully loaded!

24-07-08, 19:34
my airbags came out when I had it lowered at CMC didn't seem to be hassle but I wasn't on the spanners so can't really say.

what I can say though is, ex AA vans are GREAT :D
well maintained on the whole,
102bhp already so Perfect for project power !

Have not regretted mine for a minute.