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out and about

25-07-08, 16:12
Hi all
I used to have a t25 and when I was out and about in other t25 owners would wave and say hi but now I am in my T4 no one seems to do it

My question is is not the done thing ???:ILU:

25-07-08, 16:15
it seems to be the general thing that no t4 owners (aprat from forum members) wave at each other, there has been so many threads aboout this, if you see some nutty guy in a roomster waving and smiling you know its me!

25-07-08, 17:39
Trouble is, I suspect, a lot of T4s are still workhorses, so waving at the plumber isnt the same as waving at a VW dude.

You must perfect the raising of the hand then scratching the head technique that used to be reserved for hailing a Taxi in London and changing your mind if it was one of those awful square ones.

Mind you, I belive motorhome owners dont wave at VWs as they arnt done out in chintzy beige and have silly graphics like 'Suntourer, XL Wandererer' emblazoned over them.I: