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Awning for my T4

T4 Chris
25-07-08, 19:35
Hi all,

I am considering purchasing an awning for my Caravelle (normal height roof), and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations. I kinda like the Khyam ones but then they're quite expensive and the colour doesn't really match!!

Also on the same subject what do you do with the sliding door when the awning is attached? Does the door stay open or does the awning span the whole opening and door so you can still open/close it?

Thanks in advance


25-07-08, 19:46
Good evening Chris,

finally it looks as though the sun is going to shine tomorrow so me and 'er are going to attempt to erect a Bregenz II on the back lawn. I'll attempt to get some pic's......

I didn't like the look of the 'tunnel' jobs so went for a 'square job' Cheers, Tony.

David Shiers
25-07-08, 20:28
Got myself a Royal Traveller Tunnel Awning from
these awnings will fit most VW vans, I have a T4, fits perfect. Used this system twice now. To fix it to the actual van above the sliding, dont bother with the figure
of eight system, means self tapper scews into your van bodywork, makes a mess,
they supply you with a pole extension, attached to either end is a long guy rope
just throw the guys over the van and attach them to your wheels on the other side,
easy, to stop your roof getting marked place some padding under either end of the ple extensions, also this is the cheapest place to buy this particular awning, cheaper than ebay.
Happy camping... :ILU:

04-08-08, 00:28

I have the Khyam Motordome Classic and it is great. It goes up in 5 minutes (seriously) and is very well made. When attached to the van it allows the sliding door to open all the way no problems. It looks very good on the van.

Attachment is easy for me, I have a Multirail on the side with the slider and and justs slides into the rail, so you can drive away if you need to and leave the awning in place.



king marty
04-08-08, 06:28
Khyam Motordome Classic all day long for me, DONT get one of them cheap quality Juus Kampers things, they leak and rip!!!

04-08-08, 07:44
I had a bad experience with the 300 Khyam I bought last year it leaked like a sieve :eek: - eventually had to take it back to the shop & get my money back (after 3 goes, including a replacement)

Now got a 100 tunnel & it doesn't leak & is just as easy to put up, especially in a gale.

Horses for courses I guess? :confused:

Used the money I saved to get a Reimo top-rail - the de-luxe way to attach the awning to your van :cool:

Mr P
04-08-08, 09:10
I've got a Just Kampers frame awning which i bought for my bay but still fits nicely on the T4 with suction clamps. You do have to be careful with sliding door as it can rip the side of the awning when you open it if you don't put the awning in the right place.

There's also a company the trades at Vanfest who sell some decent frame and tunnel awnings.

04-08-08, 13:15
I've had a Royal Traveller 3 for the last 5 years and it's fantastic....proper canvass tent with anodised metal poles. They last forever! I sold mine with my last van, but bought a new replacement last week from I haven't got my new van yet, so we used it as a tent last week and it was great. I paid another 30 for an inner tent which 3 of us slept in. Can't recommend it enough.

04-08-08, 18:28
I bought what would some would describe as "cheap quality Juus Kampers things" last week (Spacemaker tunnel awning).

I could not really justify the price of the Khyams, so they were off the menu. So far I have only put it up on the lawn, but it went up OK, and with a bit off practice it shouldnt take too long. The quality looks reasonable but only time will tell.

The one thing I haven't quite figured out is the van attachment, there is a rather odd "skirt" arrangement on the awning. There is plenty of headroom and it came with an inner tent.

I would have rather had it a little cheaper, but you can only buy it in a bundle with chairs and roll up table, although the chairs are actually pretty good.

John R

05-08-08, 10:36
Had similar debates & ended up buying a Sunncamp Auton for just 89!

Used it this weekend for the first time... it was AMAZING. made such a difference having all the extra space. It's got a fig8 fixing but i just threw the guy ropes over the roof & pegged out the other side of the van & took 2 mins to drive away.

held up nicely in the wind, took a bit of putting up for the first time but now i know how it will be easy... loads of doros & windows etc, poored with rain all weekend and no leaks etc.

Worth looking at!