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body filler

paul ss
26-07-08, 20:17
lright all getting my van prepped for paint at minute and got few small dents that would like to fill , what filler do pepole recomend , as i rember purchasing some a while ago and it took forever to snad down , any tips welcome as am a novice at this sort of thing

or do pepole use poer tools i have been rubbing down with 1500 wet and drive presume pepole rub down with much lower grade paper and then finsish off with finer paper

26-07-08, 21:20
1500 grade is really fine & smooth, for sanding bodyfiller you want something much cor. How co depends on how good you are at getting the shape right when putting the filler on & how complex the shape is. If you get it close to start with & it's a simple flat panel then you may set off with something like 120 or finer but to get things closer faster 80 grade or even 40 & then another fine layer of filler to smooth out the scratches left by the co paper before going to a finer grade.
The idea is to use progressively finer & finer grades till it's smooth enough for paint but I doubt you'll need to go much finer than 240 grade on the filler itself, then each coat of primer that goes on will get flatted back with finer & finer grades in the same manner but you wont need to go to more than 600-800grade.
Getting the shape right is the hard part, the filler will need to go much further across the panel than you'd expect: my sliding door had a nasty vertical crease just behind the handle most of the depth of the door & a very shallow dent half way along & about 1/3 the way up, these were straightend as much as possible first & then filled with mabye 50% on the door having a skim of filler at some point!
The filler needs to go on bare metal, all the paint off. If it's on a flat area (as much of a T4 is!) then use a flat block to keep the paper flat & use a sanding motion that goes a fair bit beyond the filler, not just on the repair.
Be prepared to be disapointed at first & have to have a few goes at it to get it right, it aint easy! It took me months off & on to get mine to a stage where I thought it was good enough & then I got a proper skilled man to paint it. I fettled the big repair on the sliding door, about a dozen small dents all round the rest & filled the ex AA arial holes in the roof & the ones for the rear wipers too.
If I can do it then so can someone else like you, all I've had training wise is a few night classes in body restoration years ago & I'm happy with the repairs I've done, the ones that bug me are the bits I though would'nt show up much & the bits I just didnt see anything wrong with at all, they bug me every time I see them!

paul ss
26-07-08, 23:25
thanks for the advice my main problem seams to be working the filler quick enough maybe am buying wrong stuff who knows lol just got some from halfords a tube with a activater , i get a few minutes from mixing before it gets to the point where it is no longer workable, have tried ajusting the amount of activater and using it without but still the same to be honest ,

i would be happy with something that you put on then leave for over night or something , i just need time so can take my time and get it close as , due to at the moment it looks like i have put it on with a catapult from 100yards LOL:

what manufactures body filler do others use and bodyshops etc T:

many thanks

27-07-08, 04:27
With all polyester bodyfillers you will only get a few minutes at most working time.T:

They use fast accelerators and catalysts for this reason.

The secret is not to mix more than you can handle in the given time, rather make to little than too much -you can always mix again.
using a wide paint scraper on a nice bit of mdf works well for getting the catalyst/hardener through the filler quickly.

Remember polyester filler is no good for strength applications-it is after all only resin(which acts as a binder) mixed with talc powder.

If you have any other questions re fillers/fibreglass etc please feel free to pm me,Ive been in this game for a long , long time.