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Leak Off Pipes

27-07-08, 07:28
Good morning everyone!

Took my T4 in for its MOT a couple of days ago, and got the dreaded 'it failed' phone call. An hour later, got a 2nd phone call...'its done'. Fortunately it only failed on a couple of things and I'm quite happy with a bill of less than 70 including the MOT cost A:

One of the fail points was the diesel leak off pipes which had to be replaced. This is the 3rd time they've been replaced in the last 4 years (receipts from previous owner).
What are these pipes, and is this a common fault on T4s?

27-07-08, 08:01
The fuel (diesel) is supplied comstantly by the fuel pump to the injectors, at low revs there is more fuel delivered than the engine requires, the surplus is returned to the tank via these pipes. (I think). I think you may have discovered a (dare I say it) ripp off? I had to have them changed on my work (non VW) van for the first time in twenty odd years! Tony.

27-07-08, 08:31
70 seems o.k if it included mot price & repairs, & leak off pipes don't last forever, depends on quality of pipe used.