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vanfest -from Bexhill/eastbourne area lift needed

28-07-08, 13:23
Hi all are there any heads coming up from east sussex - bexhill, eastbourne, battle etc.. that would consider giving a lift to my brother. He's based in Bexhill and coming up to vanfest to hookup with me and our nephew for the weekend ,we are coming down from Glasgow. His mrs needs the car for the little un over that weekend. Pay half for fuel etc.
He's a top bloke and would be great to catch up with him, so just thought I'd put out the feelers thanks for reading post.

p.s can't wait 45 days to go, and ayepatch at the ready OHhAarrgh !!A:

p.p.s There's a case of cold tinnies for the man or women who can help out.