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Just Starting Out

29-07-08, 08:00
Hello, I hope anyone can answer my question? I have just bought a 94 T4 LWB Carevelle.
I am looking at getting a new standard grille as my current one has a small piece missing.
when looking online ebay etc. keep refferring to short nose long nose? does this simply relate to SWB LWB respectively or are there actually differrent nose lengths?
Rgds Mr T

the floating man
29-07-08, 08:35
Hi and welcome!
There is a long nose and short nose T4. I think the long nose was introduced in 96 to accomdate the new 6 cylinder engine. The front wings, bonnet, bumper, headlights and grille are all different to the short nose version, I thinkI: this has nothing to do with the wheelbase length

So short answer is you need to know what you have before buying a grille. If you want a plane old standard short nose grille pm me as I might me able to help out.

Hope this helpsT:

29-07-08, 18:24
Thankyou Van man, T:
Presumably I have a short nose then, as its on an L plate (94') and is a 2.4 litre
5 cyclinder diesel.

I am trying to source a grille, and would appreciate your help.

All I'm looking for is a standard grille which I intend to get colour matched with the respray I have planned. So it doesn't matter if its new or old, just as long as it is standard and in one piece.

29-07-08, 18:55
easy way to tell... short nose, rectangular lights. long nose has a slight angle to them when coming into the grill (and look smarter to!)

29-07-08, 19:11
Ah cool, cheers Van GuruT:

29-07-08, 19:19
Doh sorry guys just realised I was reding wrong names, thats what a lack of sleep will do to ya:eek:

30-07-08, 19:01
Found one on ebay easy once you know aht you doing thanks again for all your help guys