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help needed - what paint?

29-07-08, 09:12
i have a red 2.5 t4 but cant seem to find the correct paint, its the origional colour - does anyone know what its called? its a 1991 t4.

29-07-08, 12:00
not a comprehensive answer but.....
If you locate the chassis number, part of it includes the paint code. Ring your local VW dealer ship quote the number and they'll be able to tell you the colour.

I'm sure the answer's on here somewhere but I can't think where to look.

I'm sure some else will be along later with the whole list for you.

29-07-08, 14:07
most people have found it on the sticker under
the fuse box (next to drivers door) as did i T:

29-07-08, 16:16
Thanks all - job done!! electric mirrors painted and fitted!:)

29-07-08, 16:35
Painted and fitted 10:12 / 17:15 :eek: