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Window tints

29-07-08, 18:08
Has anybody had all 5 of the rear windows on a caravelle tinted?

Can anybody let me know how much I could expect to pay to get this done, and is it possible to still use sliding rear windows after the film has been applied?


29-07-08, 21:29
I was expecting the cost to be alot more, thats excellent. I think its well worth that money, diy tints can look terrible!

the Green Geko
29-07-08, 21:51
call mike at CMC ( he can sort that out think its about 40quid a window don't quot me tho


02-08-08, 12:53
I just got quoted 360 at a local little ice shop, I dont think I would trust them with my van anyway:eek:

40 per window would be great but cheshire is a bit far,


02-08-08, 19:56
360 far too much.

What Rob paid about 200 is about right for a good job.

02-08-08, 21:00
I can confirm sliders will work with tints.

IMHO its not worth paying top whack for tints as you probably will scratch them inversely proportional to how much you spend.

A good, reasonable price is the way to go, and make sure the rear glass is done well as its not easy to tint.

02-08-08, 23:10
Anglesey Autotint did a proper job on my Multivan,all 5 rear windows (one sliding) for 120..a Bargain in a beauty spot,as the old ad used to say!T:

04-08-08, 15:54
I thought it was a bit much! I will shop around a bit, its good to know tinits can be done to the sliding windows.