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Blue Indicator Bulbs?

30-07-08, 14:45
Seen a few transporter's now with clear indicators that seem to have a blue tint on the bulb (in the day time) takes out the orange glow, not sure how they still glow orange though anyone know where you can get these?


30-07-08, 15:47
They are calld Osram Diadem bulbs but make sure you get the ones with straight pins and not offset pins.
You need straight pins if your van came from the factory with orange indicator lenses and offset pins if you have factory fitted clear lenses like in some caravelles.
Ebay would be the best place to start:ILU:

30-07-08, 16:28
Now then slingslut, ebay ones are generally crappy silver painted ones.

Halfords do the ones with the bluey petrol tinge that I think you are refering to. And they are good quality the ebay ones i have had experience with peal after a short time.


30-07-08, 20:47
I second that, the ones from Halfords are the business about 7 each though from what I can remember, the 'silver' ones that came with my smoked indicators where the worst, they lit up so dark it wasnt funny, i managed to scrape the coating off with a coin!

30-07-08, 21:01
lidl had them in a while ago. 3 a pair T:T:T:

30-07-08, 22:11
thanks for the help,LOL:
especially you bowbling

30-07-08, 22:25
No problem kidda, I here your getting well into your T4. Done anything good?