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Dented Panels

30-07-08, 15:02
Driving down the m60 the other day at er 70! (officer...) following a beetle which exploded all manner of bits all over the road.

to cut a long story short, i drove into a bouncing item that looked about the size of a shoe/air filter and put an almighty dent about the size of a headlight, just underneath my left headlight in my brand new van (new to me)

now i can see that this panel bolts off, but i have no idea how to get to it.

so can someone tell me please...

where i can get a new panel?

how i get the thing off?

what the paint code is on ex AA's to get it sprayed up again?

and finally where am i best to start looking for beetle drivers so i can kick an almighty dent in their grill......


30-07-08, 15:05
hi, the panel and grill all come off as one.
there are 5 screws then you just yank it from either side, there are lugs on the wing which slip in to the grill panel holding it in place.
Try not to prise it with a screwdriver or anything as it will def. bend the edge of the panel, hope this helpsT:T:

30-07-08, 15:16
thanks for your help there mate. am i looking for the screws underneath the bonnet lid?

sorry to be a complete rookie, but worth asking.

also whats the chance of getting a replacement panel? i think i might be able to beat it out a bit if im smooth......

30-07-08, 15:19
3 srews on the top and then one on each bottom corner (tucked back abit).

plenty breaking, i expect someone on here will have one kicking about, put a post in the wanted section:)

30-07-08, 15:35
thank you mr73. top tips.

TDI Dave
31-07-08, 21:41
Ive got a couple of beetles your welcome to kick m8

Just wish i could fit an aircooled engine in ma t4 it would be so much better than mine !

01-08-08, 06:59
Certainly dont go to main dealers for the metal vallance as they are about 132.

Certainlky try breakers, as we couldnt find a good one on bay as they were neraly all damaged so wont slot back in straight and keep popping out of the side lugs.

Worth getting a mew ste of the lugs as over time they weaken and only cost pence.

01-08-08, 09:43
okey coke. ill have a look round. if it does pop off that easy i might have my first go at panel beating to see if i can fix it!